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CAA Baseball strongly encourages parents and youth athletes to choose the bat that is the right size and weight for each athlete. Using a bat that is too long or heavy can drastically affect swing mechanics and therefore, batting outcomes. If you have questions about what bat size your son should be using, please talk to a CAA Baseball coach.

2017 In-House Baseball BAT RULES

Rookies & Majors divisions (9s/10s/11s) are allowed to use big barrel bats that meet the following requirements:


Big Barrel Bats (2 5/8" or 2 3/4") - Only those big barrel bats made by approved USSSA licensed manufacturers that are either:

  1. Made with the 1.15 BPF USSSA Mark (see image below); or
  2. Is a qualified BBCOR bat; or
  3. Is Wood

All big barrel bats:

  1. Must have a weight differential of "-10" or less
    1. e.g. if a bat is 30", it can be no lighter than 20oz (30-20=10)

Small Barrel Bats (2-1/4" in diameter or less) - Only those small barrel bats made by approved USSSA licensed manufacturers that are either...

  1. Made with the USSSA Mark (see image); or
  2. Is Wood, shall be allowed in USSSA play.
  3. Small barrel bats can have unlimited weight differential


Small Barrel Bat Comment: The above includes Tee Ball bats that are longer than 23 inches in length. Tee Ball bats 23 inches and shorter in length from approved USSSA licensed manufacturers will continue to be allowed without the NEW or Old USSSA marks.


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Be sure to check with the Hosting Tournament Director of whichever tournament that your team is participating in for final rules regarding bats (MBT vs. MYAS).  Bats for the C.A.A. Tournament Baseball Teams and MBL/MBT Teams (age groups 9 - 14) all must adhere to the following rules:

For 2017: Bats must be 2 1/4" with unlimited weight differential or bats must be between 2 1/2" and 2  3/4" and  have a –10 differential or less (i.e. 30” – 20.0 oz.)

14 Year Olds:
Maximum diameter at the thickest part: 2 3/4" or less with minus 5 weight differential with a BPF rating of 1.15 and the new USSSA stamp on the taper or stamped approved by Babe Ruth with the 1.15 BPF rating.

15 to 18 Year Olds:
Maximum diameter at the thickest part: 2 5/8" or less with a minus 3 weight differential and be BBCOR approved.

NOTE FOR ALL AGES:  Big barrel bats must have the NEW USSSA Approved 1.15 BPF stamp on its taper, Babe Ruth Approved 1.15 BPF stamp or BBCOR stamp. For small barrel bats (2 1/4") use all of the above stamps or you can also use bats that have the old approved USSSA mark. 15-year-olds must use a BBCOR bat (Batted Ball Coefficient or Restitution).

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