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To browse volunteer opportunities, click on the Volunteer Opportunities tab. Login to the CAA website with your CAA email and password. After you choose “sign up’ a pop-up window will confirm the information.  If you need to remove yourself from the spot, you can log back in and choose to un-assign yourself. You should just need to click once.

A husband/wife may sign up for two separate spots/jobs on the same shift, but each person will need to have an individual email address on your CAA account to make this work. You can use one account to sign up for two different shifts at the same time. For example one person at concessions and the other as grounds crew.

Sibling volunteer shifts will not count toward retiring volunteer hours. Players in 16-18 Community League baseball may work shifts to retire their own family volunteer hours.

We rarely offer 1 hour spots.  If you need 1 hour to round out your obligation, you will need to fulfill an entire posted shift. Please finish the ENTIRE shift. You will not receive credit if you arrive late or leave early.

If the weather forces games to be canceled, you will receive credit for the hours worked. If your shift is entirely canceled, you will not be credited for the hours you signed up.

If an event/ date no longer appears on the page, that means all the spots have been filled. If you don't see anything on the volunteer opportunities page, that means all current volunteer spots are filled and no new spots have been posted.

Please be sure that you sign in on the sign in sheet when you arrive for your volunteer work.  CAA can not track volunteer hours if you do not sign in and CAA will not give credit to volunteers who leave the volunteer event without completing the sign in sheet.


Volunteer Policy

Volunteers are greatly needed to make our Diamond Sports League run! Without volunteers contributing many hours, Chanhassen Baseball/Softball could simply not exist. We appreciate the work that everyone does to help make our children's baseball/softball experience a positive and enjoyable one, and making the Chanhassen Diamond Sports program successful! We have made some revisions to hopefully improve the process for everyone involved. To ensure fairness in regard to the volunteer policy and deposit, please remember:



Each family must volunteer 8 hours per season to have volunteer deposit check shredded.


The following positions will receive full credit for the volunteer requirements per the volunteer policy.

  • All Program Committee Members

  • All Age Coordinators

  • Umpire Coordinator

  • Other Key Volunteers


Baseball Positions

Field Scheduler Position will attend field distribution meeting with District #112 and cities. Schedule all age divisions based on field distribution and number of teams. Reports to VP of Baseball.

Player Development Position will establish off-season workout program. Request gym space as necessary. Works with other CAA sports who utilize indoor space to ensure smooth relationship. Reports to VP of Baseball.

Director of 9-11 Tournament Baseball and Director of 12+ Metro Baseball Manages all tournament baseball for appropriate age brackets. Schedules and registers teams in events. Manages budget and supplies for tournament teams. Establishes an organization of tournament age coordinators for 9,10,11,12 year teams. Manages communication to and from tournament team head managers.

Equipment Coordinator Position will maintain inventory, ensure equipment bags are stocked, purchase replacement equipment, and supply coaches with equipment as needed throughout the season. Reports to VP of Baseball.

Hosted Tournament Director Manages all aspects of hosting baseball tournaments/events for Chanhassen. Establishes sub-teams to execute tactical plans (except coordination with the city which will be done by the league president). Manages communication to and from all teams participating in the hosted event. Manages the budget for the hosted events.


Softball Positions

Equipment Coordinator Position will maintain inventory, ensure equipment bags are stocked,  purchase replacement equipment, and supply coaches with equipment as needed throughout the season. Reports to VP of Softball.


Baseball / Softball Positions

Safety Coordinator Position is responsible for coordination, distribution and preparation of team safety kits, acts as a resource for re-supply as needed, assists League Safety Officer in season to collect injury reports. Collects and stores safety kits at end of year. Reports to League Safety Officer.

Team Manager/Head Coach/Assistant Coaches

CAA Softball. Each team is authorized to have 1-rostered team manager, 1-rostered Head Coach and 2-assistant rostered coaches.

CAA Baseball Tournament and Metro. Each team is authorized to have 1-rostered team manager, 1-rostered Head Coach and 2-assistant rostered coaches.

CAA Baseball Community League Ages 7-18. Each team is authorized to have 1-rostered Head Coach and 2-assistant rostered coaches.

CAA Baseball Coach Pitch Age 5/6. Each team is authorized to have 1-rostered Head Coach and 3-assistant rostered coaches. Although this division is not required to pay the volunteer fee and has no volunteer requirement, parents can use this coaching activity as their volunteer requirement for other divisions

Teams may have as many rostered coaches on your team that are approved, but they will not receive any volunteer hours.


Picture Day Coordinator Position will work with approved picture vendor and set schedule for Picture Day. Coordinates with Directors of Baseball and Softball.

League Umpire Parents will attend a one-hour rules session and umpire 2 games. The games cannot be for their child.

Concession Committee 8 member committee will be responsible for purchase and set-up of concessions for all events. The committee will not be responsible for staffing events. This includes mid-Season for baseball and softball, hosted tournaments, and end of season. Each member of the committee will receive one free in-house registration for baseball or softball. Committee reports to Board of Directors on P/L or the Tournament Hosting Committee.

Uniform Coordinator Position will select and purchase full uniforms based on age level. Uniforms will be purchased from approved vendor. Responsible for distribution of uniforms to teams and supply additional uniforms as necessary. Reports to Director of In-House Baseball or VP Softball.

Field Prep Position will ensure parks and fields are ready for play during season, hire field chalkers, and supply all storage boxes with equipment to maintain fields (chalk, field dry, rakes, chalk machines, string lines). Coordinates with directors of baseball and softball.

This is a partial list of league opportunities. All positions carry a 2-year commitment, except the Concession Committee. All positions will fulfill the volunteer hours for the season. Additional opportunities will be posted via the Volunteerspot website.  It is the responsibility of every family to fulfill the volunteer hours. The League does not take any responsibility if hours are not met.


Volunteer Deposit Requirement

Volunteer buyouts will be $200 per family and are required for Baseball ages 7 and older, and for Softball grades 1/2 and older. To ensure fairness to all families a volunteer deposit will be required. This will be collected via cash or check. The check will NOT be cashed UNLESS the volunteer hours are not fulfilled. For the 2019 season, volunteer hours must be completed by 9/1/19. Confirmation of hours will be published the beginning of August 2019 on the CAA website, with final confirmation published on 9/15/19.  Checks will be processed by 9/20/19.

Volunteer opt-out -- Pay volunteer fee at Parent Night, and sign the form indicating the desire for the check to be deposited immediately. No volunteer hours will be required.  

If you have not yet turned in your check, please mail it to the following address:

CAA Baseball Volunteer Program
C/O Tom O'Neill
6600 Rocky Island Ln
Excelsior, MN 55331

Check Details:
- Make the check out to "CAA"
- $200 per family/household
- Write player names and ages in Memo

(Policy Approved: Board Vote 2/15/2009)

(Policy Amendment: Board Vote 11/16/2009)

(Policy Amendment: Board Vote 3/8/2015)

(Policy Amendment: Board Vote 2/12/2017)

(Policy Amendment: Program Committee Vote 1/13/19)