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 Baseball / Softball Frequently Asked Questions
Q.    Does the team game schedule posted on the website change? How often should I check the website?

A.    Yes. For all In-House baseball, the League tries to keep the schedule posted as constant as possible; there will be, however, those situations when conflict occurs and rescheduling will take place. The website is an excellent tool to find out other information such as Opening Day, Midseason Jamboree, End-of-year tournament, Tournament Team, and All-Star selection.

For Traveling Baseball ages 13 and above, please consult the Metro Baseball League website for all scheduling.  The C.A.A. Baseball website is NOT updated with the latest Metro Baseball League scheduling.

Q.    How do I get on the volunteer schedule to earn my hours?

A.    Check the website frequently for posted opportunities. Also, watch your email for an update from your Team Volunteer Coordinator or the Manager. The League will provide information about the available volunteer opportunities with contact information. It is your responsibility to get on the volunteer schedule. Check with your coach if you are not receiving League information.

Q.    If I have questions, who do I ask?

A.    League questions should be referred to your Manager. Any question that your Manager is unable to answer will be referred to the Age Coordinator, Baseball/Softball Chair or Little League BOD. 

Volunteer questions should be referred to the Team Volunteer Coordinator. Any questions that your Team Volunteer Coordinator cannot answer will be referred to the League Volunteer Coordinator or BOD. 
League Volunteer Coordinators should not be used as League information sources. These volunteers have their hands full tracking several hundred families and their volunteer time. If you cannot find the information you seek, consult your Manager or Age Coordinator. 

Q.   What is the Volunteer Fee? How much is it? How do we get it back? 

A.   The CAA Baseball/Softball is asking each family to volunteer 8 hours for the season, regardless of how many of their children are in the program, to earn the $150 volunteer fee back.  Of course, families are welcome to volunteer more than that if they are able.  Our goal was not to collect money, but to encourage all families to volunteer/participate in the League. This program will only succeed with all of us volunteering our time! 

The League will be issuing all volunteer fee refunds either in the form of a destroyed check (for those who wrote a separate $150 check) or as a $150 refund check.  No refunds will be made to credit cards. 

Q:   Why is there a volunteer deposit?

A:   To encourage families to complete their volunteer hours as well as to protect those families who steadfastly complete their hours.

Q:   What is the volunteer deposit process?

A:   Families with the exception of sponsors, Board members and key volunteers need to submit a check or cash at the Mandatory Parent meeting which will be held in March.   This check will only be cashed if all volunteer hours are not completed and/or there are no-show hours. Managers/coaches must pay the volunteer deposits, too. Since the vast majority of families complete all their volunteer hours, we do not anticipate the need to cash many checks.

Q.   Can a non-parent volunteer?

A.   No. Only player parents or legal guardians may volunteer. This means no siblings, relatives, neighbors, babysitters, etc. Players in 16-18 Community League baseball may work shifts to retire their own family's volunteer hours.

Q.   Can I complete more than my minimum number of required volunteer hours?

A.   Yes. Many families do this and it is a very welcome contribution to Baseball and Softball program and its success.

Q.   Do I receive credit on a per hour basis if I don’t fulfill all volunteer hours?

A.   No. The volunteer hours required by your family are the minimum amount of hours required. There will not be any partial credit given.

Q.   Do I receive credit on my dues/account if I do more volunteer hours then required?

A.   No. These are volunteer hours so if you do extra they will not be any credit onto your account. We do appreciate all the extra hours many of you do to make this Association successful.

Q:   If two shifts take place at the same time, can only one family member show up and get credit for both shifts?

A:   No. There must be one family member for each shift and one person cannot get credit for more than one shift at a time. 

Q:   If I sign up for one shift, can two family members show up and get credit for two shifts?

A:   No. You only get credit for each individual shift for which you sign up. You cannot have more people show up and get credit.

Q:   Do managers/assistant coaches need to complete volunteer hours?

A:    No, other than their coaching duties. They will receive full credit for volunteer requirement. This is limited to one head coach per team and the two assistant coaches. Of course, they are always welcome to work scheduled volunteer hours if they choose.

Q:   Can I ever be assigned a volunteer shift and not choose my own?

A:    In rare instances, yes. If we don’t have enough people voluntarily sign up for tournaments and jamborees, for instance, we’ll begin randomly signing up people for the open shifts as we get closer to the events. The important things to remember are: (1) everyone will get fair warning and (2) we’ll start assigning shifts to those families who have completed the fewest hours.

Q:    If I am a manager or coach, do I need to pay the volunteer deposit?

A:    Yes. Because of the vagaries of the coaching world, we need to collect checks from managers, too. As long as you fulfill your coaching duties, your volunteer deposit check will be returned at the end of the season like everyone else’s.

Q:    If I am a manager or coach for two teams, can I credit my hours from one team to someone else?

A:    No transfers allowed.

Q:    What happens if I no-show?

A:    No-shows put a strain on those who do volunteer and no one likes to be in that position, so please do your utmost to ensure you complete the task your volunteer shift.


Q:    What is the refund Policy?

A:    100% up to close of registration for any reason (minus $15 processing fee)

50% refund up to Game 5 for injury or family relocation (minus $15 processing fee)

50% refund between end of registration and draft day/team assignment (minus $15 processing fee)

There is $0 refund after teams are formed

To request a refund, please complete this Request for Refund document and email to BB/SB Treasurer.


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