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Chanhassen Athletic Association – Storm Baseball/Softball


Mission Statement:

To develop players and fuel their passion for the game


Core Values:

In order to fulfill our mission, we believe in and commit to the following values:

  • Team work - We work together to achieve more

  • Hard work - We give our all in everything we do

  • Pride - We are proud to represent our team, association and our communities

  • Respect - We treat ourselves and others with dignity, kindness and respect

  • Fun - We have a positive attitude and enjoy being with our team on and off the field


CAA Baseball/Softball is committed to:

  • Quality instruction and positive coaching that teaches fundamental skills, tactics and strategies for the game

  • Preparing players for the next level of play

  • Establishing standards of participation for all volunteers, board members, coaches, officials, athletes and spectators

  • Creating a positive environment in which we all work together to achieve our mission

  • Developing character, encouraging personal responsibility, fostering the quality of good citizenship and encouraging the growth of our players


About CAA Baseball/Softball:

CAA Baseball/Softball is a division of the non-profit 501 (c) (3) Chanhassen Athletic Association and is committed to providing community-based, recreational and competitive baseball/softball programs for boys and girls ages 5 – 18 from the communities of Carver, Chanhassen, East Union, and Victoria, or who attend school within District 112 boundaries.