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2013 Chanhassen Little League Local Rules – Machine Pitch-Age 7/8 League
League operates under the authority of the Chanhassen Little League (CLL) Board and is directed by an appointed Age Commissioner.  This league is an instructional program for 6, 7 and 8 year-old players.  All managers in the 7/8 League are encouraged to stress fundamental baseball skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. Players will build upon batting, base running and fielding skills.
2013 Little League Baseball Rulebook.  Any rule not specified below shall be governed by the 2013 Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Playing Rules.

  1. Teams
    1. Teams are formed by a draft process with the approval of the CLL Board and the evaluation committee under the direction of the Baseball Chairperson with an objective of achieving parity among the teams.  The CLL Board must approve all teams’ assignments.
    2. A team shall consist of 10 to 12 registered players of league ages 6, 7 and 8 (April 30, 2013).
    3. Each team shall have a manager and one or more assistant coaches.  The managers are recommended by the Age Commissioner and approved by the CLL Board.
    4. Only the Manager and 3 Assistant Coaches (background checks done) are allowed on the field pregame and in the dugout.  The 4 that start the game will finish the game – no substitutions or rotations allowed.  One must be in the dugout at all times.
    5. A uniform setting for all pitching machines will be established with input from managers prior to the start of each season.  The machines should all be set on #5/ #6 and should not change at all.  This will enable all teams to be used to the same speed.
  2. Game Format
    1. 10 players comprise a team in the playing field - 4 outfielders, 4 infielders, a pitcher and catcher.  Outfielders must be 10 yards into the grass and not move-up as extra infielders. Outfielders are not the ones covering the bases, to be used as backups, example: if a ball is hit to shortstop the center fielder can not be sitting at the base waiting for the throw. Teach the second baseman to cover the base.  No player should play more than 1 inning per game in the same position.
    2. A team must consist of 7 players to start a game or they will forfeit that game, which will be recorded as a 6-0 win for the other team.  The game may still be played, but the outcome cannot be changed.  A grace period of 15 minutes from scheduled start time is allowed.
    3. Managers may be on the field for the purpose of instructing the players, running the pitching machine and, if necessary, underhand pitching.
    4. Late arriving players can be inserted into the field between at-bats during any inning; however, the player(s) must be added to the end of the established batting order.
    5. Games are scheduled to start promptly at 5:30PM.  A grace period of 15 minutes from the scheduled start time is allowed.  The times are such so managers can hold a warm-up beforehand.  Please encourage this as it really makes for a better game if kids are warmed up properly.
    6. A game consists of 6 innings or 1 hour and 30 minutes; however, no new inning will start after a 1 hour and 15 minute time limit has elapsed.  For innings that will begin near this time limit, both managers must confer to decide upon continuation of the game.  If a game is called, it is a regulation game if 4 innings have been completed.  If a game is called before it has been called a regulation game, but after one (1) or more innings have been played, it shall be resumed exactly where it left off.

Note: All records, including pitch count, shall be count by either manager’s or designee.   

  1. A half-inning consists of 3 outs or a maximum of 5 runs.  Last batter does not just keep running around the bases, stop them where they should have stopped based on the batted ball.
  2. Home team has the official score book.  Scorekeepers check between every inning as to what the score is and work out the difference if any at that time.  Home is listed first on the schedule and will post final score on website scorecard.
  3. If unplayable weather conditions occur, the game should be called at the field by agreement of the managers.  Games must be called if lightning is sighted.  Any games which are unplayable due to weather conditions will be rescheduled by the managers prior to year end.  The Age Coordinator must be informed in order to secure fields for make up games.
  4. I f poor weather has the condition of the fields in question throughout the day, managers are responsible for checking the CAA phone line 952-227-7000 after 4:30 pm for game cancellations.  The home team should attempt to reschedule the game through the game scheduler.
  5. Games are officiated by the coaches.  The first base coach is responsible for calls at first base and fair/foul calls down the first base line.  One of the coaches for the fielding team stationed in the outfield is responsible for calls at second base.  Please designate this person before the game. The 3rd base coach is responsible for calls at 3rd base and down the 3rd base line.  The purpose of designating the person is so that coach knows they are responsible for the call and there are no disputes over the calls.

3.  General Amendments
All players on the roster present for the game shall bat in a continuous order. Continuous order means that your batting order is set at Game 1 for the season.  If the #4 batter makes the last out of a game, #5 Batter will be the first batter of the next game and team keeps the same batter order.  Teams may adjust the line-up once on June 1 and once at the start of post-season play.  After these two allowed adjustments, the continuous order rule shall remain in effect. 

  1. The Manager of the team at bat will present the balls to the batters via a pitching machine.  The pitching machine should be set-up on the pitching rubber.  The manager/pitcher shall wait until the batter and defensive team are ready before releasing the pitch.  The manager/pitcher should remain consistent in their presentation of the "pitch".
  2. Each batter will receive a maximum of 7 pitches to put the ball in play.  The player should be notified of the 7th pitch.  The player will be called out after the 7th pitch unless pitch is deemed to be un-hittable.  Batter "stays alive" on the 7th pitch and subsequent pitches with a foul or tipped ball.
  3. There shall be no walks or bases on hit batters.
  4. On batted balls put into play, base runners may advance until the ball has been has been returned to the infield (meaning dirt) area --- at which point only those base runners that have already past a base may advance to the next base at the risk of being thrown out.  The infielder should then present the ball to the manager (pitcher) for the next batter.
  5. No attempted bunting or stealing is allowed.  Base runners must remain on the base during an at-bat until the ball is struck by a batter.
  6. The infield fly rule is not in effect.
  7. Manager/pitcher (pitching machine) interference should be called and replayed without affecting the pitch count.
  8. All overthrows from an infield position (ending up in fair or foul territory or out of play) from will result in a "dead" ball and play shall stop --- at which point only those base runners that have already past a base may advance to the next base.
  9. All players will have the opportunity to play both infield and outfield positions.  For reasons of player safety and improved play, managers have the discretion to assign a player multiple innings at 1st base.  For all other fielding positions, players are not allowed to play more than 1 inning per game at the same position
  10. The use of profanity and/or violence from any manager, assistant coach, player, parent or spectator will cause for automatic dismissal from a game.  If the ejected person fails to leave the game (premises), the game will be forfeited by the team the offending individual is affiliated with.  The CLL Board of Directors will review all ejections to determine the appropriateness of the action and determine the potential need for further action.

4.  Penalties for Non-Compliance with League Rules

  1. Teams failing to comply with the Little League, Local Rules or Code(s) of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action as follows.  In all cases, the league director and the CLL Little League President must be notified.
  2. First Violation – The manager of the offending team shall receive an official warning.
  3. Second Violation - The manager of the offending team shall receive a 1 game suspension.
  4. Additional Violations - The offending team will forfeit the game and the manager shall be suspended for the remainder of the season and not be eligible for post-season duties.