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We have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate* use of social media.  Social media is defined as Twitter, Facebook, email, or any similar medium which can be transmitted to a singular or multiple parties.  This will be a continuation of the MSHSL rules and all parents and players violating this policy will be disciplined pursuant to the Chanhassen Athletic Association Baseball/Softball discipline policy.
By signing the CAA Baseball/Softball Code of Conduct policy, you are agreeing that this policy is in effect for a period of 365 days after signing.  It is a 365 day policy which will be enforced the following year if conduct warrants.
Player (out of season)  - Board member will notify party and parents of infraction.  A note of the infraction will be kept by the player agent
Player (in season)  -  First offense
Parent/Guardian (in or out of season) – Immediate Second offense.  Social media transmission will be posted on the website
*Inappropriate can be defined as the following:
Players – Denigrate* other players, teammates or evaluation process
Parents – Harassing emails, denigrate* evaluation process, swearing, denigrate* Board members
            -General questions about evaluation process or questions about player results    are not considered harassing.  However, after initial questions have been answered only one (1) clarification question will be allowed before warning is         administered.
*Denigrate (as defined in dictionary):
            1. To attack the character or reputation of; speak ill of; defame.
            2. To disparage; belittle:
Suggested Best Practices
*           Be in the right state of mind when you make a post.  Don't post when you're angry, upset, or your judgment is impaired in any way. Remember, the internet is permanent!
* Think twice before posting. If you wouldn't want your boss, parents, or future employer to see your post, don't post it.
* Be accurate. If you make a mistake, own up and correct it quickly.
* Be respectful. Be positive. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.  It's the Golden Rule!
* Be honest. Be transparent. Always tell the truth.
* Remember many different audiences will see your post
* Be professional and polite.
* Moderate your content. Respond promptly to comments where a response is expected.
* Remember that the internet is permanent. Even if you delete something, it’s still out there somewhere. Google has a long memory!
*           Don't post anything that you wouldn’t say openly in a workplace such as comments about drug use, profanity, off-color or sexual humor, ethnic slurs, religion or personal insults.