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CAA BB/SB Board Positions

The following positions will be up for election at the 10/12/14 Board meeting.  As always, Board meetings are open to the public and the Board encourages members to attend so they can understand how their League is run.  Please consider running for one of these positions to help continue expanding and shaping the CAA Baseball/Softball League for years to come.  Position descriptions are under Board:  Job Descriptions.



Director, Volunteers

12+ Director, House and Metro

Baseball Player Agent

Softball Player Agent

Director, Softball Hosted Tournaments

Director, Travel Softball

Scheduler, 5-11 years old (non-voting, paid)


Please contact Todd Neils at   if you are interested.

Thank you.

2014 CAA Softball Winter Membership Program at P2P

2014 CAA Softball Winter Membership Program at P2P


Chanhassen Athletic Association (CAA) Softball is excited to announce our 2014-2015 winter softball workout program at Pitch2Pitch.


Registration opens Sept 17th

Cost: 1 payment of $75 for the entire winter season

Dates: 9/21/2014 – 2/28/2015

Groups: 10U, 12U, West Metro Thunder

This is an all volunteer arrangement as CAA Softball is only purchasing access to the facility; so 1 parent per player is asked to stay and help as needed.

Each age group will be limited to 25 players.  To add flexibility; if a player has a conflict with their time, they are invited to attend a time for either one age level younger or one age level older to resolve the conflict.  Each age group will have 2 batting cage times scheduled per week, plus 1 turf session on Saturdays.  The Saturday session will include a lead Pitch2Pitch instructor and CAA/WMT coaches to lead the winter workout with the players.


The program runs 9/21/2014 – 2/28/2015

Registrations not paid in full will be deleted

Registered players will check in at the P2P front desk.  The front desk has a list of the registered players for each age division.  CAA Softball pitching machines are available for use inside the tunnels.  Balls for the machine as well as 11" and 12" softballs are availalbe at the front desk for check-out and use.

Age groups will have tunnel allocation within these times

by posted 09/29/2014
2014-15 CAA Baseball Winter Program

2014 CAA Baseball Winter Workout Program at P2P


Chanhassen Athletic Association (CAA) Baseball is excited to announce our 2014-15 winter baseball workout program at Pitch2Pitch’s Chanhassen facility.  The program is open to all CAA Baseball players with 2015 baseball ages of 9 – 15, and will run from 9/29/14 – 3/29/2015 (~ 6 month program).  The cost is a very reasonable $179 for the entire winter season (~$30/month), and provides several opportunities each week to get some informal throwing/pitching, hitting and ground ball work in.

Each player’s age group will have 2 dedicated batting/pitching cage times scheduled per week, plus several “Open” cage times available for all registered players. Please see the Documents tab of the CAA website for the schedule.

To register and pay, please go to the CAA BB/SB Registrations page. We encourage you to sign up now as each age group will be limited to 25 players.

The Winter Program is an excellent opportunity to build your player’s skills…and is an integral part of the CAA player development approach.  This is an all-volunteer arrangement as CAA Baseball is only purchasing access to the facility; so 1 parent per player is asked to stay and help as needed (i.e. run pitching machines – which are included with the cages, organize “soft toss”, etc.).

This will be the only winter program offered and there will not be discounted sessions offered later in the winter/spring season.

Thanks…and here’s to a great winter baseball season!
CAA Baseball

by posted 09/25/2014
Softball Training at Pitch2Pitch

 2014 Softball Winter Training Information

CAA Softball has been working closely with our softball partners in CYSA, MGSA, Vortex, and Pitch2Pitch to develop a good winter training program set of options for your consideration.  The Pitch2Pitch facility is now going to be offering softball training for our community.  Offering includes Softball Academy, Minn Whirl, Clinics, Lessons, and Camps.  This entire set of offerings is very exciting to have in our own backyard at our Pitch2Pitch facility.  

Click >here< for a information slide

For more information please see the Pitch2Pitch web site under the Softball tab.


Included in program:
• Flexible Schedule - 2x/week training – everyday options at network facilities
• All skill areas available
• Unlimited facility access ($1,200 value)
• 3-mth = $675 (start anytime)
• 6-mth = $1,230 (Nov-Apr)​


Included in program:
• Flexible Schedule - 2x/week training – everyday options at network facilities
• All skill areas available
• Unlimited facility access ($1,200 value)
• Dome Ball League (1 - $150 value)
• Team Tournament (1 - $65 value)
Season 1 (Nov/Dec); Season 2 (Jan/Feb)
• Price: $860 per season


Mini-Clinics - Saturday mornings there will be clinics focused on Hitting, Softball Skills, Pitching, and Catcher.  Tryout Warm-up Clinic in Feb.  Specific dates and times are posted on the P2P web site under Softball Mini-clinics.  Cost is $135 per clinic area.

Pre-Season Tryout Prep Clinic.  Focus on building strong fundamentals through teaching and repetition to prepare athletes for the sping season.  The instructors will help players with their offensive and defensive skills through progression practice sessions.  Dates are Feb 7, 14, 28, and Mar 7.  Cost is $150

Lessons - Flexible week-day and weekend lessons for Hitting, Pitching, and Catcher.  More information to be published on schedule specifics.

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eChecks vs Credit Cards
Hello CAA Baseball/Softball association parents.
We would like you to please consider paying with e-checks instead of credit cards for all of your CAA BB/SB programs.  It can have the net result of saving your association a significant amount of money over the course of a season.
The CAA web site accepts two types of payments, e-checks (bank transactions) and credit cards online.  
The payment system costs only $0.75 per transaction for e-checks and 2.8% + $0.30 per transaction for credit cards.
So, for a $300 registration, it would cost CAA just $0.75 for an e check, but in comparison it costs us $8.70 for a credit card transaction.  Multiply that by about a thousand boys and girls in the program and that amounts to a significant amount of money that we could use for something else.
Please investigate your banking situation and find out if you can begin using e-checks instead of credit cards this next year.

by posted 09/09/2014
Exchange Items
Exchange Item Widget on Front Page (swap, lost and found, or for sale items)

This widget is used to list items for sale, found, lost, swap or for items that are wanted.

After you post an item, you'll get a form asking for a "key" before the message is actually posted.  This "key" is emailed to you at the address you give on the Exchange Item entry form.  Once you receive this email, enter the number on the form, and your item will be posted.

This is a great place to sell last year's bats!!!

Baseball/Softball Front Page: http://chanathleticassociationbaseball.assn.la/

Exchange Item widget is on the Right Side of the BB/SB Front Page.

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Weather Cancelation Notifications
As a reminder:

Current day weather cancelations will be posted on the CAA BB/SB Front Page by 4:00 PM (if the cities close the fields).

Emails and text messages will also be sent by 4:00 PM.

After 4:00 PM (and the cities have not closed the fields per the above), it is up to the coaches/umpire to determine if the practice/game should be held.

Coaches can use their Manager Password to send an email and text message to their teams if necessary.

If no notification is sent out, meet at the field...
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Dugout Club Activities